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Roots & Knots

Smoky The Froge Ashtray

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Smokers, tokers, and midnight jokers: I know you never have enough ashtrays. And why are they so often either too small or garishly large? My ashtrays are designed to insert a bit of humor or whimsy into your smoke ritual. Perhaps you smoke to relax or unwind; perhaps it gives you energy. I personally find a lot of magic in fire, and I encourage you to test out different ways to play with burning, now that you’ve got a safe way to catch the ashes. Smoking frogs, dainty inchworms, and desert bunnies keep you company while you indulge in your habit. 

Pairing suggestions for ritual:

  • Snag a snake incense holder and light up your favorite incense – let the ashtray do its job to keep your space smelling fresh and looking clean. As the incense burns down, use it as a timer for journaling, meditation, or whatever your grounding practice may be.
  • If cannabis is part of your morning or evening routine, pair the ashtray with a fitting critter mug to stay hydrated while igniting creativity, rest, or energy. While both hands are occupied with your joint or mug, allow your mind to run free, or set intentions for your day/evening/dreamscape.